Dashboard management


Project Background

iWassel is a Tunisian start-up operating in the sector of relay points. Its objective is to facilitate the delivery of orders made by customers, by distributing their orders in the nearest relay points.

Challenges and Requirements

The start-up iWassel was using a paid solution to manage its administration interface and all the other services it owns. As the start-up was growing, the solution it was using no longer met its needs and subscription fees were constantly increasing. it was with this in mind that it decided to have its own solution to manage its services.

Our challenge was to design and develop a flexible, scalable solution that would allow the start-up to better manage its services. Our team was composed of 4 developers and a project manager (Scrum master).

  • A back-end developer (who took care of the api and the database)
  • A front-end developer (I was in charge of the frontend part for the administration)
  • An android developer
  • An ios developer


We started the design of the project in February 2020 by defining all the project diagrams and use cases. We used the scrum method to manage the project. Before starting each step, we met with the Scrum master who defined sprints with deadlines in agreement with the developers.

During the containment, as everything was restricted, we were working remotely while remaining reachable. Slack was used for the meetings and Trello for the follow-up and progress of the sprints.

Technologies Used

For this project, we used Node.js with the Express.js framework for the back-end, React and Redux for the front-end, Java for the android application and React-native for the ios application. For the deployment we used Amazon S2 to host the api, S3 for the static files and OVH for the front application in React.


In the end, we spent a total of 4 months on the project and 1 month on testing to ensure that the system worked properly. As the project is private, its source code cannot be exposed to the public for confidentiality reasons.