Before usingTailwind CSS, I was using bootstrap and a boostrap based UI library to build my React apps. Over time I made performance a priority and this is where I found my apps to be slow due to unused javascript and css.

After the audit, I discovered that this library degraded the performance of my applications because it even imported the components that I was not using. I have used Purgecss and Madge to remove unused resources but to no avail.

When I first started using tailwindcss I rewrote my app with tailwindcss and to my surprise I got a 100% score on Lighthouse which I had never achieved before.

By dint of creating and reusing multiple components, I ended up with a collection of pre-built components. That's why I decided to share them with the developers to save them time.

These components are fully customizable. You will not end up with unused resources that will decrease the performance of your applications. All you need to do is copy and paste the source code of the component you want to use.